Pokémon Genders – Is Love In the Air This Valentine’s Day!?

There is something strange about that Pikachu you just caught. Look at its tail. A heart!? Some kind of glitch perhaps? No, you just caught a female Pikachu!

That’s right, it looks like Pokémon genders are making their way into Pokémon GO! Members of The Silph Road were the first to report the female sightings. I am sure Professor Willow will “make the shocking discovery” in a few months. Poor guy.

The introduction of genders lines up with results from The Silph Road’s research group that did a data-mine into the new update.

It seems like Niantic is tweaking genders on these Pikachus a lot currently, likely ironing out some kinks. There are many reports of players’ Pikachus and Raichus switching back and forth between genders. Interesting indeed.

The most likely deduction from this new development is that Pokémon breeding may soon come to Pokémon GO. With breeding being introduced with the Gen 2 games, Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver, the timeline fits!

Going even further down this wormhole, we can start to think about a possible Valentine’s Day event in Pokémon GO. Perhaps these genders and breeding will be fully integrated into the game when love is in the air and you are hand-in-hand with your significant other, catching a Snorlax at your local park during a lovely Valentine’s Day Pokémon GO event! How romantic!

Are you excited for Pokémon genders? Do you think they will play a role in a Valentine’s Day event?

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