Do You Have the Pokémon GO Post-Halloween Blues?


Pokémon GO’s first in-game event was no doubt a huge success. The game shot back up in the earnings charts as a result of the event. Candy was being thrown out like you were a kid at a parade. Life was good.

Now, here we are after the event, and Pokémon GO has gone back to its old ways. Back to a 5 kilometer hike just for one freaking Dratini candy. The grind is back, and it once again looks like Mount Everest.

One positive was the fact that the event lasted one day longer than Niantic had previously announced. No one is quite sure if Niantic had trouble turning off the event, or if they wanted to milk it to the last drop.

Now, after the Halloween event, there has been a nest migration. This was likely an attempt to keep things fresh and to encourage players who had picked the game back up just for the Halloween event to continue playing.

Game Rant

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The sugar-high is now over, and it remains to be seen if Pokémon GO will continue to lose players.

For me, going back to the normal grind has been tough. Without a clear end-game, finding motivation is difficult. The Halloween event did a great job of making me excited about the game again, but what I am left with now feels like a hangover. I’m dehydrated and the only thing that will make me feel normal again is more candy!

Niantic desperately needs to continue in-game events to keep players interested. Releasing a legendary Pokémon would certainly do the trick. Also, the folks over at SlashGear claim that a source is telling them that a Thanksgiving event is currenty bring planned.

SOURCE: SlashGear

SOURCE: SlashGear

Hopefully we can look forward to a Christmas event as well. I’d love another infinite use egg incubator under the tree this year!

Are you sad the Halloween event is over? What are you looking forward to next?

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