A Slight Bug with Daily PokéStop Rewards

Pokémon GO PSA: Do not spin your first PokéStop of the day if your bag is full!

Image Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Many players are reporting that attempting to collect from a PokéStop with a full bag will not count towards your current PokéStop streak.

If you want to keep the streak going (and the XP flowing), make sure to check your bag for space before you collect your first PokéStop of the day. While this bug seems minor, it can be a major frustration to someone about to hit that important 7th day. Frankly, it also seems like something Niantic should have accounted for. Bugs like this can be very disheartening for players who are already falling out of love with the game.

One easy way Niantic could deal with this would be to have a “Your Bag is Now Full!” warning pop up when you collect from the PokéStop that finally fills your bag. This way you will at least know that your bag is full before you spin that next PokéStop, collect zero items, and – worst case scenario – miss your streak.

Perhaps Niantic will be less inclined to fix this issue, as players could potentially solve it by spending money and purchasing more bag space. Hopefully that’s not how this’ll play out, but, in the mean time, be sure to check your bags for space before hitting that first PokéStop of the day!

Have you experienced this issue with the PokéStop streak? Do you think Niantic will ever fix this issue?

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