Man Beaten, Robbed While Playing Pokémon GO. Needs Your Help.

We want everyone out there playing Pokémon GO to stay safe, so it is with a heavy heart that we share the following story.

Winston-Salem police reported that local Pokémon GO enthusiast Vincent “Vinnie” George Mannino, 39, was found brutally beaten in a restaurant parking lot on November 15th at 4:10 AM. He was robbed and assaulted while playing Pokémon GO.

His phone, Pokémon GO Plus, backpack, and keys were all stolen. He was then beaten, and he suffered facial lacerations, broken bones, and bleeding in the brain. Mannino is in the ICU, but, luckily, he’s recovering.

Mannino was an avid player and a regular on Winston-Salem’s Pokémon GO Facebook group. After the assault, his brother posted in the group that his family started a GoFundMe campaign to help cover some of Vinnie’s extensive medical costs.


Photo Credit: GoFundMe

If you would like to help Vinnie out, you can click HERE to donate. They are so close to the $15,000 goal, and I am hoping we can help them through the final push, so Vinnie can recover debt-free.

Remember to always be aware of your surroundings when playing Pokémon GO. Unfortunately there are some people out there with bad intentions, so use your best judgement while playing the game, and do your very best to stay safe. We wish Vinnie a speedy recovery and wish the rest of you a fun and safe time playing everyone’s favorite game!

Have you had any strange or dangerous encounters while playing Pokémon GO?

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