How Will Niantic Introduce Ditto to Pokémon GO Players? Theories Abound

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So, we’re all pretty sure that Ditto is eventually going to show up.

I mean, there was definitely a Ditto in that 1 km egg Niantic sent to a dude named Cash after he lost some items during a server crash:

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The fact that the avatar didn’t pop up after the egg hatched was a clue that he wouldn’t get to keep it.

But that was a real-deal Ditto.

Dude even put it in a gym:

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Niantic essentially confirmed what many of us assumed when they sent him a letter claiming that he had an “unreleased” Pokémon.

You can check out the video below for more details on the incident that officially proved Ditto was real.

I mean, I know he was reportedly in the source code back in July, along with several Legendary Pokémon, but this is actual video and email from Niantic for proof:

“Unreleased” means it exists, but how it will exist in the game remains to be seen.

Of course, there are no shortage of theories.

When the game was first released, a lot of people worried that they had seen Ditto and didn’t know it, because he might be pretending to be some other Pokémon:

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Will Niantic introduce Ditto this way? Is that possibly why there was no Ditto in that first screen-shot after Cash opened his special 1 km egg from Niantic?

Here are some other theories:

  • Ditto is part of the new Daily Rewards system recently confirmed by Niantic.
  • He hatches from an egg like he did for Cash.
  • We’ll get a chance to find him in the wild after so many check-ins?
  • Will Ditto only be available in South America, where they still don’t even have map data, let alone a version of the app to play?
  • That one feels the least likely.

Though it might be a tie with the theory that Ditto has been hiding in plain sight the whole time. That one was de facto debunked by Niantic when they called it an “unreleased” Pokémon in Cash’s letter.

That’s pretty much the roundup of the major theories out there. Most people feel like the release will be tied to some kind of event. But nobody seems to know for sure, and Niantic isn’t saying anything.

Here’s a video about everybody’s lovable shapeshifter.

We’ll update as more info arrives.

What do you think? Got a better theory?

Or just a really good and crazy one?

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