Behind the Magic: The Secret of Levitating Performers

Chances are, you’ve walked past a street performer or 100 in your lifetime. Some of them are easy to ignore, but others make us pause. Lately, the “levitating” craze has made more and more people stop and wonder…how do they do that? Well, we’re about to take a peek behind the curtain, so, if you’d rather preserve… Read More

‘Aladdin’ Director Confirms Long-Held Fan Theory

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve seen Disney’s Aladdin, but, even if you’ve only watched it half as many times as I did when I was little, you won’t have any trouble remembering specifics. You’ll for sure remember how the movie begins: A merchant on a camel breaks the fourth wall, speaking to the audience… Read More

Quiz: Can You Match the Movie to Its Bonkers Foreign Title?

It’s not very difficult for something to get lost in translation. Get it? Like the movie with Bill Murray and Scarlett– Oh, you got it. Words can mean different things in different places, and, when it comes to trying to sell a movie, all bets are off. For instance, if you’re the screenwriter, your title isn’t… Read More


Quiz: How Well Do You Remember the Lyrics from ‘Jagged Little Pill’?

I crushed this one. I never actually owned Alanis Morrisette’s 1995 album, “Jagged Little Pill.” But I absolutely dominated the quiz. Even though I never had the album, a whole lot of other people did. The era-defining album ranks just behind this one: And just ahead of this one: Maybe you don’t recall the time when Celine Dion… Read More

Disney’s Awesome, Abandoned Island…Ripe for a Real Jurassic Park?

In the early 1960s, when Walt Disney was flying over the Orlando area to scout locations for his newest theme park, he noticed a little island that looked particularly secluded and peaceful. When he completed his Disney World land purchase, he made sure to include the island, then known as Riles Island. Disney originally planned… Read More

Can You Find the Cat, the Phone, and More in These Real-Life Illusions?

There’s a cat hidden on that stack of logs. I promise: Reddit user jmankruse posted this about a month ago, and I finally gave up on it today. I had to look up the answer. It was killing me. But it’s not too late for you! It’s an orange cat, if that helps: You see it… Read More

12 Amazing Times People Gave Back to Others

#1. Cards Against Humanity gives back. Source #2. A family answers a child’s letter to Santa. Source #3. The Hells Angels make a toy run. Source #4. An Afghan teacher creates a mobile library. Source Source 

19 Times People Learned That Their Crush Was No Longer Crush-Worthy

Having a crush can be a lot of fun. The flirting, the butterflies, the unknown…but sometimes we wish we could just have left it at that. These AskReddit users spill about the times they were snapped back to reality by finding out the type of person their crush really was. Crushing, isn’t it? 1. YOU DON’T LIE ABOUT CANCER… Read More

The Truth About 6 Famous Sexual References in Disney Movies

Since every single one of our childhoods was framed by Disney magic, chances are you’ve heard the rumors about the alleged dirty stuff hidden in Disney cartoons. Now that we have the internet and can find answers to just about anything we want to know (and stuff we don’t), it seems as if every urban… Read More

22 Times Sex-Ed Went Above and Beyond the Curriculum

Kids say the darnedest things. So when you put them in a Sexual Education class, things can get really weird really fast. These 22 AskReddit users share their stories of the time they spent in school, learning about the birds and the bees. 1. The Kid Knows “In 4th grade some kid asked “If a guy cums its… Read More

*RC* Once a Superfood, Now a Party Drug

Want to hear about one of the most Millennial trends EVER? Of course you do! So keep reading… Apparently, this generation has little use for the kinds of time-honored escapist methods favored by their parents and their grandparents before them. That’s right – no illegal drugs or alcohol for these kids. Instead, they prefer to escape… Read More

Why This DIY Braces Trend Is SO Dangerous

So dangerous!! Seriously. People have died. But let’s start at the beginning. First of all, let me say that there are plenty of things on Youtube that can be attempted (and failed) safely. Makeup, nail polish, cooking, frosting, home repairs – all of these things might be best left to a professional, but, if you screw… Read More

You Might Be Confused…Here’s What These Emoji ACTUALLY Mean

Man, communicating in today’s ever-changing, ever-more-technological world can be confusing. Not only that, but for the lazy among us (points at self), keeping up can be a huge challenge. I don’t want to have to figure out some new emoji or social media platform every other week. Who has that kind of time? Today, I… Read More

Wason’s Simple Test Uses Just 4 Cards to Determine How You Use Logic

The folks over at the YouTube channel WonderWhy have stumbled upon some 50-year old research that still packs a powerful punch today when it comes to determining one’s ability to use deductive reasoning. It’s a super-simple test invented in 1966 by cognitive psychologist Peter Cathcart Wason. You knew it was gonna be either a pipe or… Read More

16 People Dish on the Best Sex They Ever Had

What does it take to have mind-blowing sex? The answer is different for everyone. Whether it is with the love of your life or some rando you met at a bar, there are certain things that just make your toes curl. These AskReddit users told us about the best sex of their lives, and they left very… Read More

11 Self Defense Tricks to Keep You Safe

We might not all have taken karate or judo growing up, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn how to protect ourselves. In this day and age, it never hurts to be just a little bit more prepared in case the unthinkable should arise – and these simple and easy to remember tricks might just save your… Read More

She Silenced Her Bullies in the Classiest Way Possible

So often the internet can be as much of a curse as it is a blessing, and one of its worst aspects is how it allows bullies to hide behind an anonymous screen while they criticize and dehumanize complete strangers, often without their knowledge. That’s what was happening when a young Sikh girl named Balpreet found a snapshot of… Read More

Make Yourself Smarter with These Beautifully Illustrated, Fact-Filled Instagrams

We love fun facts, so you can imagine how excited we were to find the Instagram account of Mike Lowery (even though we’ll never be able to say his name any other way than how they say it in Bad Boys). A photo posted by Mike Lowery (@mikelowerystudio) on Jul 10, 2015 at 2:03am PDT The Atlanta-based illustrator does… Read More

15 Weird, Wild Facts About Robert De Niro

When you’ve been in Hollywood as long as Robert De Niro, there’s not a whole lot about your life that remains a secret. That said, we think we’ve dug up a few things that even the most devoted follower might have missed over the years! Check them out… #15. He was childhood neighbors with Martin… Read More

How To Take an Amazing Selfie with the Help of a Paper Towel

Everyone under the age of forty has figured out that there is definitely a formula for taking a good selfie. You’ve got to nail your expression, the camera angle, and the lighting as best as you possibly can. That last one can be tricky, as we don’t always have control over lighting fixtures – especially in… Read More

Animals of Chernobyl: the Lasting Effects of a Nuclear Disaster

In 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster shocked the world, and – even after the more recent Fukushima nuclear disaster – it remains the most devastating nuclear meltdown ever. Around the plant, which is in the north of the Ukraine, an approximately 1,000-square-mile “Exclusion Zone” was created to bound the irradiated area. One estimate suggests that some parts of… Read More

9 Badass Time-Lapse Clips from the DYK Archives That You Should See

Actually, that’s not very new anymore. Nowadays a lot of phones have a time-lapse option in the camera app. I mean, if it’s new to you, go for it! It really is pretty damn cool. Or… You could just check out these time-lapses I pulled from our archive of Fact Snacks: #9. Here are the… Read More

Check out How the Earth Is Slowly Tearing This California Town Apart

So maybe you heard about this curb that got repaved in the California town of Hayward.   Here’s a picture from July 2015: The curb on the right has a cutout for people with disabilities. The curb on the left does not. It looked like this until recently: See how far over the curb is… Read More

Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Last 19 Seasons of South Park?

If you were around for the premiere of South Park – or, like me, you caught it on VHS because your cable company didn’t carry Comedy Central back in 1997 – then you’re probably feeling kind of old right about now. But don’t go sticking that fork in the electric socket just yet… All those… Read More

8 Facts That Prove How Money Is a Weird, Wonderful, and Evil Beast

I don’t know if money is actually the root of all evil. That feels a little hyperbolic. One time, I found $20 in my coat at the beginning of winter, and that was pretty awesome. Money brings you facts and buys me food – but it can also totally make things weird. Here are 8 crazy facts… Read More

The 14 Best Responses to Jimmy Fallon’s Lastest Hashtag Challenge

Jimmy Fallon has honed his skills, bending Twitter to his will basically by letting Twitter do what it does best – slay the hashtag game. This week was no exception, as he asked people to share stories about when they just #hadtodoit. Some of my favorites are listed below! #14. That sounds fair. As a kid at a… Read More

Know Your Shit (and Pee) with These 19 Crap-tastic Scat Facts

Folks really seem to love it any time we say the words “shit,” “pee,” or “sex.” And let’s be real – we like it too! Well, I got two of the three in here, so sit back, relax, and just let the factin’ happen with these 19 facts about poop and pee: #19. Buzz Aldrin has… Read More

14 Facts About US Presidents That You Probably Don’t Know

It’s game-time here in the US, as we are now deep in the midst of selecting our next president. To get you in the mood for politics, here are some presidential facts that you might not know: #14. Source #13. Source #12. Source Above are his instructions, written months before his death, and below is a… Read More

Quiz: Can You Guess the Capital City Without Its Iconic Symbol?

Are you a “citizen of the world?” Do you feel just as comfy in Cairo as you do in Cleveland? That’s Cleveland BTW. But this… is also Cleveland. So is… Just kidding. That last one was Cairo. Now that I’ve got you properly discombobulated… You feel OK seeing a picture of a world capital and telling… Read More

Quiz: Can You Spot the Added Detail in Each of These Famous Paintings?

Do you like art? That’s accidental art, which is totally cool, but not really what I was getting at. That is actual art made to look like an accident. Definitely closer, but still not really what I was going for. I thought we could stick to some of the more classical stuff. Again, closer, but…… Read More

An Animal Shelter Offered Dogs to Pokémon Go Players, but They Never Expected THIS

It’s no secret that every business out there is looking for a way to cash in on the sudden and immense success of the Pokémon Go revolution. I personally loved hearing about the little girl who, after realizing there was a Pokéstop by her house, set up a snack stand and wound up raking it in, but this… Read More

20 Odd, Fun Facts You’ve GOT to Read

Who doesn’t love odd and fun facts? Even better, who doesn’t love these facts presented in delightful, short Tweets of 140 characters or less? If you follow @OddFunFacts, these are the types of things you can expect to learn several times a day with a minimal amount of effort. Virtually no effort, really. And, hey,… Read More

Four Times Voters Did NOT Elect the President of the United States

Everybody remembers the year 2000, when, for a brief moment in time, Al Gore was the next president of the United States. I mean, everyone except those high school sophomores I was substitute-teaching last spring. You know, the ones who–after I realized they had no clue who Al Gore was and, stricken with my own mortality, screamed,… Read More

4 Quizzes to Prove Your Worth as a Jedi Trivia Master

Are you a Jedi trivia master, or are you only worthy of Padawan status? Can you pass the Jedi trivia trials? Are you ready to prove that you are a master of all things Star Wars? We’ll start out with character naming, then you can try your hand at pairing the lightsaber to the correct Jedi. If… Read More

12 Seemingly Random Facts to Help You Ponder the Meaning of Life

Having a bad day? Trying to figure it all out? Need a bit of perspective? Well, you’re in luck, because I’ve rounded up 12 facts to help you out: #12. You are nothing new under the sun. Source #11. Speaking of the sun… Source #10. Once we are reduced to bones, we all look the… Read More

16 Facts About “Forrest Gump” That You Probably Don’t Know

It’s been over 20 years since the Forrest Gump phenomenon took over the screens and imaginations of America and the world. All these years later, its legacy doesn’t show the slightest signs of diminishing any time soon. But, even though it’s been a couple decades, there might still be some worthwhile tidbits about the film that you… Read More

Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know about Science?

The National Science Foundation is all about science. Obvs. It’s right there in the name. The NSF spends a lot of time, effort, and resources supporting those who work in the sciences, but they also do some research on the public: their attitudes towards science, as well as their general scientific knowledge. These 11 questions come from that… Read More

VIDEO: Cicret Bracelet Turns Your Arm into a Touchscreen

The future is now! The Cicret, a concept for a wearable projection bracelet, launched recently, and it is awesome. From what I can see on their website and the video below, the Cicret mirrors your phone’s screen, projecting it directly onto your forearm. That would be interesting, but the really cool innovation here is that you would then interact with… Read More

Pokémon GO for Horror Fans – Night Terrors!

Do you love the horror genre as much as I do? I live for scary movies and have spent countless hours glued to a Stephen King novel. I am currently on my 4th go-around of Stranger Things (RIP Barb). Something about the supernatural really intrigues me. That is why I am wildly excited for a… Read More

Get All the Details on the Recent Pokémon GO Update!

This past weekend Niantic discreetly released a server side update. And late tonight, they released an app update. While no tracking features or trading were introduced, we think you will be quite pleased with what they have done! First of all, the new update that was released late 8/22 is below. Check out the official notes: Implemented Pokémon… Read More

One Pokémon GO Player Gets An Entire Country Banned From The Game

Hey Belgium! Wondering why NONE of  you could play Pokémon GO recently? Thank Redditor mewtwo_captured in the pokemongodev subreddit! Or maybe not? More on that in a second. Reports state that the Redditor apparently used SIM cards from burner cells to launch a massive, simultaneous scan of Ninatic’s Pokémon GO’s servers. We’re talking 2,000 scans at once. The problem? The SIM… Read More

Find Out The Perfect IVs For 2km, 5km, & 10km Egg Hatches

Alright trainers, we’ve all hatched a ton of eggs (I’ve hatched 100 personally), but it’s always difficult to determine how good our new Pokémon are when it comes to Individual Values. Well, the amazing folks from The Silph Road have put together a chart that breaks down what the max CP is that for each hatch… Read More

Mall Transforms Center Court into Amazing Pokémon Gym

We’ve all seen businesses taking advantage of the Pokémon craze by offering discounts to people who catch Pokémon at their store, but a mall in New York is taking it to a whole new level. First, let’s take a look at some incentives that local businesses have been offering trainers. They’re pretty great. A free… Read More

Pokémon GO Trick: Getting Around a Soft-Ban Immediately

As you most likely know, Niantic really disapproves of cheating and is not shy about handing out bans for players using GPS spoofing or any other type of cheat. Personally, I think using GPS spoofing is pretty unfair – not only to the players actually out there catching Pokémon and walking to Gyms, but also to yourself. If… Read More

Luckiest Trainer Alive Lives in “Safari Zone” of Rare Pokémon

I am so jealous. A guy named Baoba lives in a condo on a Pokémon spawn spot that produces incredibly rare Pokémon. So much so that he and his friends has dubbed his apartment “The Safari Zone.” He enjoys day after day, lounging on his couch, catching some of the rarest Pokémon out there. He even… Read More

If You Ace This Test, You’re a ‘Super-Recognizer’ of Faces and Science Needs Your Help

If you’re anything like me, you can’t forget a face. You may not remember where the hell you saw it, and you might not be able to remember people’s names even if your life depended on it, but once you’ve truly looked at a face, it gets permanently sealed away in your mind palace. If… Read More

35 of the Best Twitter Jokes about Pokémon Go

We can’t stop trolling Twitter for jokes about Pokémon Go, but it’s okay because Twitter – and the Interwebs in general – are going to keep talking about the phenomenon for basically forever. There are so many Twitter jokes, I just feel like I’ve gotta catch ’em all! Don’t groan, you loved it. Below are 35… Read More

The First Woman to Run for President Was Called Lewd, Indecent, a Witch, and ‘Mrs. Satan’… This Is Why

Happy Birthday to the 19th Amendment! On August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, granting women the right to vote for the first time. Huzzah! It wasn’t really that long ago – which sucks, to be honest. But anyway, HUZZAH! In light of the present presidential race, I want to… Read More