49 People Share Something they Learned at an Embarrassingly Late Age

Is there something that you just learned that most people already know? Like where pickles come from, or where they get all of those actors for the Amish communities on TV? That’s what this AskReddit list is all about. This one’s also a bit longer than we usually pull together, because there was just a […]

Get over That Hump with Amazon’s Deals of the Day

#1. Save money, fix your posture I see a lot of deals on step counters and run trackers, but this is the first posture coach I’ve seen. It connects to a free app to collect data, and the device vibrates in real-time to remind you to straighten up when you’re slouching. And today, you can save […]

Niantic Confirms New Pokémon Coming To Pokémon GO, December Events And More!

In an joint statement this morning, Niantic and Sprint announced that 10,500 Sprint locations will be turned into PokéStops or Gyms. That means actual Sprint stores, Boost Mobile stores and Radioshack locations that carry Sprint products will all participate. These stores will also have special charging stations for Pokémon GO players so they can battle as long […]

Augmented Reality Games and Parks: A Troubled Future for Pokémon GO?

In a meeting on Tuesday, Milwaukee County Board members discussed augmented reality games and their usage in county parks. Specifically, Pokémon GO. These meeting could very well set a precedent for how other cities handle future augmented reality games. To start with, let me give you a little background. Milwaukee County’s parks have had some troubling […]

This Polish Christmas Ad Is Going Viral And You’ll Understand Why Once You See It

There is a company named Allegro who is the most popular Polish online auction website. They’ve put together an extremely touching Christmas commercial. It’s a story about an elderly Pole who orders a book called “English For Beginners” and starts a mission to learn a new language. This commercial does an incredible job of telling […]


New Internal Starbucks Memo Claims New Pokémon Coming To Pokémon GO, New Pokémon Frappuccino Too

This Thursday could be VERY interesting for Pokémon GO players. It has been rumored that Starbucks was going to be launching a promotion on December 7th that could happen in conjunction with Niantic releasing all Generation 2 Pokémon. However, that original note had some misspellings of the name Pokémon (Pokeman instead) and didn’t look very legit. […]

Terror on the Tracks: The Horrific Story of ‘The Railroad Killer’

Different serial killers make us afraid of different things. Edmund Kemper made us afraid of hitchhiking. John Wayne Gacy made us (more) afraid of clowns. And, for a period of time in 1999, Ángel Maturino Reséndiz made us dread the common sound of a train whistle. Reséndiz was a ruthless serial killer who made the FBI’s […]

How Niantic Keeps Pulling the Millions Who Abandoned Pokémon GO Back In

What about you? Did you start out full of enthusiasm, then taper off (like about 96% of users)? Or have you never left? Odds would probably put you in the former category, as the number of daily active users playing Pokémon GO has dropped to about 4 percent of its August peak of more than 10 million. Of course, […]

Analyzing Rhydon: The New End Game Monster in Pokémon GO?

As you most likely know, there was recently a balance update in Pokémon GO. CP’s changed, and Pokémon who were once completely overlooked have risen to power in your local gyms. One of those Pokémon is Rhydon. I know I have seen him all over in my town’s gyms, but the question remains, is Rhydon […]

Keep Saving Through the Rest of the Season with These Amazon Deals

#1. Own the entire Fast & Furious saga You can get all seven of the F&F franchise films on Blu-ray for less than $30 on Amazon today. You’ll also get digital HD and UltraViolet copies of all seven films. And this isn’t some compact, three-disc set. Seven films on seven discs that all come packed with […]