13 Hikers Recall the Most WTF Things They Ever Encountered

Getting out in the great outdoors, off the beaten path… What could be better? There’s so much out there to be discovered. Unfortunately for these 13 intrepid explorers, what they found was more than they ever wanted: #1. Got lotion? Hiking alone at dusk doing a five mile loop in the Santa Monica Mountains in […]

That Time Fake News Almost Took Down Abraham Lincoln

It turns out that political entities have been using fake news in attempts to take down their opponents since way back in 1864. That’s when Democrat Samuel Sullivan Cox stood up in front of Congress and gave a fiery speech that accused Republicans of promoting the idea that, should whites and blacks have children together, […]

The Unsolved, Satanic Murder in Stanford’s Campus Church

Since the mid-70s, a grisly murder at one of America’s most prominent universities has gone unsolved, baffling investigators. Early on October 13, 1974, a security guard was making his usual rounds at Stanford Memorial Church on the campus of Stanford University when he made a shocking discovery: Inside the church, next to the altar, lay […]

25 Creepy, Real-Life Coincidences That’ll Give You Chills

We’ve all had experienced odd coincidences in our lives: one time in middle school, I submitted the correct answer to an online raffle that, if I won, would let me skip a class – except I didn’t know I needed to be there, and so I missed it anyway. I didn’t find out that I had […]

How Being Called a ‘Good Boy’ Changes Your Dog’s Face

We know that our pets care whether they’re making us happy or sad (or angry), even if they don’t exactly think about the consequences of their actions in those terms. I’m looking at you, dog who ate the rest of my Christmas cookies when I left you alone for 20 minutes the other night. Smh. Even when […]


How Two Dogs Saved the Little Penguins of Middle Island

In 2000, what was once a thriving colony of Little Penguins – the (aptly named) smallest species of penguin – had been reduced to just four pairs. The colony on Middle Island, which sits off the southern coast of Australia, had a problem: the red fox, a species that was introduced from the mainland by colonists. They were […]

Meet Katherine Johnson: The Inspiration Behind the Movie “Hidden Figures”

With an all-star cast including Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe, Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, and Jim Parsons – not to mention a compelling storyline set during the first manned NASA shuttle launch – Hidden Figures is set to wow audiences, critics, and is likely to earn some hefty award show nominations, if not […]

17 Disgruntled Servers Spill Their Ugliest Customer Horror Stories

Customer service is a rough gig. Add together food and tips for pay, and you’ve got a recipe for 17 horror stories: #1. The Switch-Up “A couple orders food together. Man gets a plain hamburger and the female gets a hamburger ketchup only. They come back up together, and the man says he ordered it […]

Feast Your Eyes on the 10 Most-Loved Fact Snacks from 2016

It’s been an incredible year for fact-digging here at DYK. And all 6 million or so of you been a huge part of it, so I rounded up your 10 favorite facts from the year that brought the word “post-truth” into the lexicon: #10. November 18: The “Devil’s Bridge” Source #9. April 4: Sprout Pencils Source #8. […]

These 16 People Woke up in a Hospital Bed with No Idea Why

When you wake up in a hospital with no idea how or why you got there, chances are there’s a great story behind it. Trouble is, that story can also be a pretty sad and/or horrible one, though not always. These 16 AskReddit stories run the full range, though they all have somewhat happy endings, […]