10 Survival Myths That Could Kill You

Between the 18 million television channels looking to fill nearly 24 hours a day with content, the age of Internet experts and, obviously, the impending zombie apocalypse, there’s a deluge of information available on how to survive once we encounter the inevitable end of the world. Or, you know, how to survive if you find… Read More

Pee-wee Herman Is Connected to Everything and Everyone: 11 Facts

Can you believe that it’s been over 30 years since Pee-wee’s Playhouse and Pee-wee’s Big Adventure first blew our collective mind-hive? I grew up on Pee-wee’s films and the TV show, and my son is now a fan, having watched the entire filmography after being introduced to the character through the recent Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, produced by Judd Apatow. If nothing else,  I… Read More

That Time the Government Flew Planes Full of Stolen Babies Into the U.S.

You don’t have to be a historian or a scholar to realize that the end of the Vietnam War was a complete and utter confusing mess. I mean, even more so than the entire war, front to back. The U.S. was finished, they were trying to get out in a hurry, and Vietnam had descended into… Read More


6 Awesome Gifts the Introverts in Your Life Will Love…and 1 They Really Need

Introverts. You know them. You love them. Heck, maybe you’re one yourself. And sometimes buying gifts for those folks can be a little tricky because people who prefer solitude require a bit more consideration when birthdays and the holidays roll around. Never fear! We’re here with a list of fantastic gifts that will make them be… Read More

Grammar Nerds, It’s Time to Celebrate

If you’ve got an iPhone and have upgraded to iOS10, Apple has a lot of surprises in store for your texting. You can create and send GIFs, send texts from the lock screen, place stickers over your messages, and, yes, correct your friends’ grammar with amazingly obnoxious red-pen stickers. Guys. I am so excited. Grammar… Read More

Thousands of People Can’t Stop Watching This Livestream of a Wyoming Town

Several thousand people have been e-flocking (I just made that word up) to this livestream of Jackson Hole, Wyoming’s town square, and nobody really knows why. Wyoming is the least populated of the United States according to 2013 census data, and you could easily make the argument that Wyoming is pretty boring unless you like skiing,… Read More

The Real Story of Elizabeth Báthory: History’s Most Prolific Woman Serial Killer

Whenever you hear this story, you’ll find plenty more questions than answers. Was Elizabeth Báthory really the most prolific female killer of all time? Was she framed, a victim of being a powerful woman in a time when that alone was enough to ruin her reputation? Or was she as bad as they say, a… Read More

10 of the Coolest Places in the World That You’re Not Allowed to Visit

In case you’re a glutton for punishment, let me tell you about these 10 amazing places that exist in our world today…and then hit you with the news that you’re absolutely never allowed to see them. Sorry! #10. North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands This small island off the coast of the Bay of Bengal is… Read More

6 of the Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries of All Time

Who doesn’t love to dig into a long-unsolved mystery here and there – the creepier the better? I think it’s because we’ve all got a little Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys stuck inside us from childhood, or maybe we’re all just a little bit morbid. Either way, below are 6 of the creepiest unsolved mysteries… Read More

The First Woman to Run for President Was Called Lewd, Indecent, a Witch, and ‘Mrs. Satan’… This Is Why

Happy Birthday to the 19th Amendment! On August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, granting women the right to vote for the first time. Huzzah! It wasn’t really that long ago – which sucks, to be honest. But anyway, HUZZAH!! In light of the present presidential race, I want to… Read More

12 Facts to Remind You That You Really Don’t Know a Damn Thing About Life

Look at yourself. Just look at yourself! You think you know things? I guess sometimes you probably do; I’ll give you that. But if you didn’t know these things, you might as well just give up at life. OR you could read more of our facts on a regular basis… (for obvious reasons, I feel the… Read More

10 of the Dirtiest Moments from Kid Movies You Never Understood Until Now

Remember when you were a kid, and you were watching an animated film with your parents, and then… …your parents laughed at something you didn’t understand? I think we’ve all been there.  So, truth test… did you laugh to try and convince everybody else you were in on the joke too? Yeah, me too. Surely everyone… Read More

People in These 9 Professions are Most Likely to Cheat

If television reflects reality, then it’s pretty easy to believe that the modern work environment is less a place to toil away 8 hours a day, and more a spot to gossip, perpetuate drama, and hook up with an array of people (one of whom may or may not be your soulmate). Well, in this… Read More

Analyzing the Curveball Throw in Pokémon GO

As most people know, capturing a wild Pokémon using the curveball method grants an extra 10XP per capture. While this may not seem like much, it does add up in the long run, and has caused many players to adopt the throwing style. Whether a curveball actually increases your chances of capturing wild Pokémon has always… Read More

Insane Pokémon GO Fan Video Has Pikachu Handling A Rail Gun!

Not all fan films are created equal. Especially when it comes to RATE VFX’s newest video about Pokémon GO. Yes, that’s a trainer shooting another trainer in the back. Whoa! But it doesn’t stop there. The footage from this video only gets more insane and more R-rated. Yep. This video is all about catching Mew. Soon… Read More

Another Way to Use All of Those Pidgeys

Pidgey after Pidgey after Pidgey. Walk around the corner. Oh, what’s that? Another Pidgey. Sometimes you feel like the game should have been named Pidgeymon GO. Co-starring Weedle. YouTube user Chem Hung has found a new creative use for the flocks of Pidgeys and Weedles in your Pokémon inventories! Turn up your speakers, check out the… Read More

Pokémon GO Update: A Fifth Nest Migration Has Occurred

Just when you thought you were about to finally get that Blastoise and, Bam! The nests have changed once again. Nest migrations have been happening more and more frequently in Pokémon GO it seems. They keep the game fresh, bringing new Pokémon to your local areas, but they can also be a bit frustrating because… Read More

20 Freaky, Scary, Funny, & Sad Stories from the Emergency Room

Working in an emergency room has to be one of the craziest jobs out there. People do insane things, accidents happen, etc. AskReddit recently asked folks about the scariest/dumbest/weirdest things they’ve ever seen in an ER. Hold on to your butts kids, things are about to get interesting. 1. Allergies Are A Bitch “Had a lady come in for shortness… Read More

“Born to Raise Hell”: Richard Speck and the 1966 Chicago Nurse Murders

July 14, 1966 is an infamous day in the annals of American crime. In fact, some argue that Richard Speck’s murderous rampage in Chicago – which claimed the lives of 8 nurses in one night – was the first random mass murder of the 20th century, changing the country forever. When I was growing up, I heard… Read More

15 Non-Sex Uses for Condoms (They Could Save Your Life!)

I bet you never knew that those condoms in your drawer or wallet could be good for more than preventing unwanted children and diseases, but it’s true! If you try any of the tricks below you’ll want to use the un-lubricated sort. Also, I never said they were great ideas…but they have all been tested… Read More

The Original Pokémon Movie is Returning to Cinemark Theaters

I know. Pokémon GO got you feeling all nostalgic. You longed for the days of coming home after school, flipping on the TV, and joining Ash, Misty, and Brock on their Pokémon Adventures. Shortly after, you would fire up your GameBoy Color and be glued to the screen, training for the Elite Four. Those were the days.… Read More

A Controversial, Subtle Update to Pokémon GO

With the latest release of multiple updates to Pokémon GO, players seemed to be holding Niantic in more of a positive light. With the introduction of the buddy system, the updated gym training feature, and making use of the in-game medals, it seemed Niantic was finally beginning to head in a great direction. However, with all of… Read More